Swiss Excellence in Research Training

The Research Methods Laboratory (METLAB) is an independent Swiss not-for-profit provider of research methods training.  We deliver state-of-the-art training in both Quantitative and Qualitative research methods. Responding to the demands of the knowledge economy, METLAB strives to develop interdisciplinary programmes embracing conceptual, methodological, and technological innovation.

In Switzerland, as elsewhere, today's research priorities are focused on the challenges (economic, environmental, political, social) faced by society and these are increasingly addressed from a multi-disciplinary perspective.

"In the next few years, considerable effort will be devoted to developing research expertise in a number of chosen areas. 

It is reasonable to assume that the volume of research in the field of business and services will grow 

as the demands placed on the service and knowledge economy increase"*.

Successfully addressing research problems requires a well-developed knowledge of appropriate research methods as well as an appreciation of the different ontological and epistemological positions available to practitioners. The ability to synthesize, interpret and curate information has become a key driver of empowerment and in order to grapple with the various research paradigms and the ways they are interwoven with particular disciplines, dedicated training in methodology is essential.

Switzerland offers an outstanding environment for the kind of in-depth immersion required to develop advanced skills in research methods. This internationally renowned centre of excellence provides an ideal setting for METLAB to deliver its range of high quality research training programmes (certificate, diploma, degree, PGD, masters) supporting the development of world leading research outputs.  

As well as providing a pathway to the world of research, participants on our programmes have the opportunity to network with colleagues from different institutions and from different research backgrounds. Our international programme comprises a unique balance of formal study (lectures, seminars, interactive workshops) and social activities (sightseeing tours, cultural events, outdoor adventure) in one of the worlds most celebrated environments. We are location in easy reach of Geneva, Zurich and other popular destinations in Switzerland.

Whether you are a college leaver embarking on your undergraduate studies, a professional seeking to enhance your research skills, or a graduate contemplating a PG Diploma or master's degree, I hope our programmes are of interest to you in meeting both your educational and career goals. Please do get in touch if you would like to discuss your requirements in more detail. 

Dr William G. Feighery 

Association President


 *Research at Universities of Applied Sciences and Arts: Evolution, significance and potential. Swiss Universities of Applied Sciences (KFH), Berne, 2013.