Welcome to MetLab 

In a world with increasingly competitive workforce pressures, the ability to synthesise, interpret and curate information has become a key driver of economic empowerment. Operating in this complex and multi-faceted academic/business environment demands that individual are endowed with a wider range of competencies than ever before and this includes a well developed set of research skills. Today, research priorities are focused on the challenges (economic, environmental, political, social) faced by society and these are increasingly addressed from a multi-disciplinary perspective.

Switzerland offers an outstanding environment for the kind of in-depth immersion required to develop advanced skills in research methods. Our international programme comprises a unique balance of formal study (lectures, seminars, interactive workshops) and social activities (sightseeing tours, cultural events, outdoor adventure) in one of the worlds most celebrated environments. Switzerland is an internationally renowned centre of excellence providing an ideal setting for MetLab to deliver its range of high quality research training programmes supporting the development of world leading research outputs. As well as providing a pathway to the world of research, you will also have the opportunity to come into contact with
fellow participants studying a diversity of topics at different institutions and from different disciplinary perspectives.

Today those embarking on the design and operation of research projects (including the choice of methods, forms of data analysis, and dissemination) are confronted with a host of possibilities and choices which will inevitably impact the eventual outcomes of the research project and its effectiveness in addressing the research problem or question being investigated. Successfully addressing research problems requires a well developed knowledge of appropriate research methods as well as an appreciation the different ontological and epistemological positions available to practitioners. Yet, many researchers are not adequately equipped to grapple with the various research paradigms, or the multiplicity of research methodologies and the way they are interwoven with particular disciplines and perspectives.  

MetLab programmes are designed to enable those embarking on research projects to work through these complexities and develop the necessary knowledge and skill to design and operationalize appropriate research methodologies in order to successfully inform their research problem/question.  

Whether you are a undergraduate embarking on your first research project, a masters or PhD student developing your thesis proposal or a professional seeking to enhance your research skills, I hope our programmes are of interest to you and meet your specific training requirements. Please do get in touch if you would like to discuss your requirements in more detail. 

William G. Feighery PhD