The Research Methods Laboratory (METLAB) is an independent non-profit academic instution based in Switzerland.  METLAB provides academic on-line course in a variety of subject areas including management and research. Our course are made available to our international clients through a innovative ‘delivery’ model where participants can engage with programmes both online and in a physical workshop environment. Our model of programme delivery is also innovative in that we do not operate a dedicated ‘bricks and mortar’ campus in the traditional sense, but instead utilise the best resources already available when and where needed.

In developing such an innovative approach to education we have discarded much of the burdensome peripheral activities and their associated costs and instead concentrate our efforts on the core task of providing a high quality learning experience for our international clientele whether they are online or physically participating in one of our workshops. Another important consideration for today’s “time-poor” environment is the commitment in terms of length of programme. In designing our programmes we successfully balanced the need to deliver our core objectives of quality within a timeframe which allows greater flexibility in terms of the overall commitment of time taken to attain our various academic awards. 

Metlab On-line offers distance learning to students who require flexible study options.  As demand for these popular online distance learning courses increase we tailor course content specifically for online delivery. In conjunction with our on-line courses we organise workshops and residencies at various locations worldwide. 

Our MASTERCLASS workshops complement our online programmes through the provision of tailored content geared to the needs of specific learners. 

Our residency programmes provide an additional opportunity for students to meet fellow participants and to enjoy a concentrated period of learning supported by subject specialists. 

Our LMS (learning management system) provides learners with a user friendly online environment in which they can maximize their productive potential, as well as network with fellow learners across the globe. All learning material are conveniently located within your personal learning space which can be accessed anywhere you get online.